What did you see today while looking in the mirror?

We are our worst critics and quite harsh judging how we look.


A common skin disorder which can be painful and embarrassing. If you are feeling distressed treatments and specialised skin care can help.
Acne has many causes and origins which needs to investigated before treatment. Some of the causes are hormones, diet, immune systems, hygiene there is a solution for each.
We can treat Acne with a variety of treatments. From IPL which targets the Porphyrin Chromosomes to Skin Peels. Skin Needling which stimulates new collagen production and breaks down scarring. MEDER professional EU-SEB Prebiotic Anti-Acne therapy is effective. It restores healthy skin microflora and local immunity.
We recommend skincare for home use. It is important to follow up. The natural skin purification begins. Inflammation is reduced, pores minimised and capillary problems declined. The skin’s texture smoothes out.
Before skin needlingAfter needling 2 weeks


You will see striking results
Complex Multifunctional Therapies are most effective for treating Anti aging lines. As well as, wrinkles, pigmentation and redness. Even tightening and lifting the skin. The energy from technology such as IPL, Skin Needling. Or Low Level Laser Therapy combined. With the intense interaction of peptide induction enhances the effect. Giving very satisfying results.
Active Concentrates and masks complement professional treatments maintaining and prolonging their results.  We use and recommend a complete range of cosmeceutical products. To use at home for your daily skincare routine.  With proper application and regular use improving the skin’s health. Restoring its moisture balance and natural protection and enhancing restorative processes.


Our skin requires mega moisture. Needing a big drink. Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides are hydration powerhouses. Vital for helping to maintain and reinforce the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
In clinic we can exfoliate and rehydrate using the Aqua microdermabrasion. Flushing the high concentrations of hydrating serum over the surface of the skin. Used in conjunction with Hydra-Fill Professional Therapy. And Low Level Laser its a PhotoShop treatment.  Hydrated skin boasts a plumped, younger-looking appearance with a brighter complexion. This treatment restores moisture levels in the deep skin layers. Naturally protecting the skin erasing wrinkles, signs of fatigue and free radical damage.
The results are rested and glowing look. Visibly smoother skin and more even complexion with a youthful radiance.
IPL treatment


IPL – Intense Pulse Light is a non invasive light based technology. Used to permanently reduce unwanted hair.   IPL uses a much broader spectrum of light pulse than laser. Making it a a faster and more cost effective treatment option.  Convenient and comfortable treatments make IPL a leading choice. Hassle-free hair reduction solutions.  
Usually, a course of 6-8 treatments is required to achieve an optimal result. Only the occasional maintenance treatment. Shaving is required as close as possible and near to treatment time.
Not suitable for dark complexions or sun lovers. Hormonal hair might need more treatment or be better suited to waxing.
Waxing – Good option for Removal of Facial Hair and Light or Grey Hair.  Clients with Dark complexion a safer option as the skin will not be compromised or burnt.


ARGH the never ending battle for us all therapists and clients alike! Most of us love the sun but its not the only cause of pigmentation. The problem is that pigmentation and sun damage give the skin an ageing appearance. So our job is to blast that pigment away and start again with a nice fresh clean slate. Whilst using skincare to fade and prevent the pigment reappearing.
Oh if it only were that easy! There are so many causes of pigment such as hormones, diet, medication and a whole lot more. Which is not always an easy fix but we can help you manage and fade pigmentation and sun damage. 
Its an ongoing commitment and up to you how much effort you want to put into get a solution.  Lets be real if Nicole Kidman can change her freckles and skin tone so can you.  Technology has come a long way so don’t give up.
Treatment options are IPL. The light targets the melanin in the skin and disperses the clumps that are sitting together. Up to 6 treatments might be necessary.
Another goodie is Skin Needling. The rejuvenating factor of the treatment brings pigment to the surface. Then we can use a Peel such as Purple Peel to get rid of any leftovers.
Don’t forget home care that is the most important tool! So you’ll need a cocktail of antioxidants to protect and an excellent SPF. With professionally prescribed skincare, your skin will be strong and healthy and avoid further damage.
Pigmentation handsAfter


Vascular conditions are becoming more prominent these days. Due to lifestyle choices. Medical conditions and the environment that we are all exposed to.  We can treat or reduce a variety of areas and lesions using IPL. Targeting Chromophore is oxyhaemoglobin. The blood is coagulated by the heat energy in the vessel either resulting in full clearance. Or changes in the vessel and the body metabolises the dilated vessels over the next 5-7 days. 3-6 Treatments may be required. 3-4 weeks apart most conditions are treated very effectively, but some may require ongoing maintenance such as Rosacea.  We also introduce Low level Laser Therapy into all treatments.
Also other factors to beautiful skin are anti-oxidant serums. Which enhance the effects of active concentrates and masks.  They have a systemic effect on the micro-capillary bed and immune cells. Fighting free radicals and intensifying the skin’s healthy glow. Whilst strengthening the capillary walls with microcirculation.
The skin is monitored and cooled throughout treatments. This increases the safety of energy assisted therapy. Also avoids side effects and will enhance your results and desired outcomes. Suppressing the activity of thermoreceptors which restores the normal temperature in the tissue. Preventing inflammation and vascular changes.

Sensitivity & Reactions

Firstly lets talk about all your old skincare thats lurking in cupboards this is where we need to begin.  All old and natural (organic) skincare must be excluded we must begin with microbiome friendly therapy.  
All skins can become sensitive. This is usually caused from incorrect or harsh skincare. With incorrect ph levels or ingredients that are too strong.
Also, some treatments can leave the skin striped and sensitive. With an impaired barrier. All this is very quickly resolved with antioxidant serums and repairing moisturisers. 



Irritation, discomfort, allergic reactions, flushes, flaking, sensitivity — these are all signs of damaged barrier function, which in its turn indicates an imbalance in your skin’s microbiome. Harsh active solutions may damage it further! Your skincare of choice is calming, microbiome-friendly solutions to support and maintain the skin’s health.


Prebiotics will promote the growth of healthy microflora and suppress pathogenic bacteria. Eventually prebiotic-based skincare will not only ease the discomfort but eliminate inflammation altogether.


Recent research suggests that there is a connection between the diversity and overall health of skin microbiome and capillary health. The beneficial effect of prebiotics on the skin of rosacea and erythema patients has been confirmed by scientific research.


It may sound counterintuitive, but in both cases excessive or insufficient sebum production is likely be connected with microbiome imbalance. Prebiotic treatment helps regulate sebum production to either relieve dryness or reduce greasy shine.


Research indicates that healthy microbiome may be able to reduce the risk of bacterial infection after treatment. The skin after laser therapy, dermabrasion and RF treatments needs a quick restoration of its microflora for speedy recovery and better, more stable results. 

I was fortunate enough to experience a fully loaded facial at Beauty Mechanics in Beenleigh. I felt instantly comfortable and welcomed. But let me tell you the results are visibly noticeable and feel amazing! It has been years since Beenleigh has such a wonderful beautician – I urge everyone to get down there and support a local business and person.

Alison Russell

Wow!! I had another amazing treatment with Michele at Beauty Mechanics today! I know I will definitely see results from the skin needling and aqua dermabrasion, and I can’t wait! I have tried multiple different treatment options but nothing has smoothed my acne scarring as quickly and easily as needling! Seriously a might try! Thank you Michele!

Gabriel Ruzicka

If you are looking for affordable A+ class skin care, go to Beauty Mechanics! Michele knows her stuff and cares about you and your skin. She will custom tailor treatments just for you. Your skin will thank you for it!

Tracey O'Brien

I’ve been seeing Michele for all my beauty and skin care needs for over 3 yrs now and can Highly Recommend all her services.
I’ve just had my second treatment of micro abrasion on my face and must admit I’m impressed because at 50 yrs of age I seriously didn’t think anything could help my poor, old tired looking skin untill i tried it and can’t believe the results.
Thanks Michele, I look and feel years younger 😍
I can honestly say Michele is a Professional, Highly Qualified Beauty Therapist and is very knowledgeable with all your Beauty & Skin Care needs.
So, do yourself a favour and pop in to see for yourself.

Theresa Barling

Michele is fantastic, she is a highly experienced therapist with great knowledge and highly recommend her!!

Shyreen Bosworth

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me with my skin. It has cleared up almost 100% in such as short amount of time. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t meet you, I would still be feeling terrible about my skin… The Skinstitut products are amazing and I would have never found them on my own. Thank you x 1000!!

Courtney Van Itallie

My good friend recommended Michele to me having visited the clinic on several occasions herself and was very happy with the results and services. Michele is very professional, she makes you feel comfortable explains the procedure, after each treatment my skin looked and felt wonderful

Agnes Sala

I have known Michele from Beauty Mechanics for over 9 years and found her a very competent and wonderful beauty therapist. I have always found her cheerful, obliging and would recommend her to all of my friends. Michele has always looked after me and my skin and I always feel like a film star when I leave. I am 76 years old and I do not look my age thanks to Michele’s specialised treatments. Everyone could do with her treatments and I encourage you to come, its relaxing, soothing and feels terrific.

Beverly Paul

I looked 10 years younger the very next day! Being a make-up artist for a number of Beauty Mechanics clients, I particularly noticed the more refined surface of their skin. I saw younger, fresher skin. Seeing these fascinating results, I knew I had to have the treatment myself. I experienced instant results along with younger, fresher skin I looked 10 years younger and called to thank Michele the very next day! Not only would I recommend Beauty Mechanics on my ladies but also my men.

Marcus Strath

I was referred to Michele through a friend at my gym at that time. One visit with Michele 5 years ago and I have never looked back. Michele has achieved and maintained a healthy and youthful appearance and skin condition. I have been into expensive treatments before going to Beauty Mechanics and have left unsatisfied after seeing no results but with Beauty Mechanics, I always see immediate amazing results! My friends and family are always commenting on my skin and people cannot believe I am 43!

Linda Anne Whitton

I have known Michele since she opened her first salon in Woollahra, Sydney in 1998. In my long experience with cosmetic and beauty treatments, Michele’s work was always superior!” “Michele has expert and gifted caring hands, and a personal feeling for each individuals needs. The therapy that she provides is a system that is personalised to each client. After each treatment I feel re-energised and it lasts till the next treatment, which I enjoy on a monthly basis! I highly recommend this treatment to everyone with any skin problems, scarring, rejuvenation and anyone who is feeling down!

Jana Gendicova

I was referred to Michele by the wonderful Marcus Strath, and I am loving the results! I have had treatments before that feel like a “fluff n buff” even though it is relaxing, but with Beauty Mechanics treatments the feel and look is immediately noticeable. Skin is softer, smoother and fresher. It gives me a holiday look! I would recommend Michele and Beauty Mechanics to anyone who crosses my path. I am looking forward to my continued visits to Michele.

Christine Whiting

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