Hair Removal

Hair Removal


Intense Pulse Light is a non invasive light based technology. Used to permanently reduce unwanted hair.   IPL uses a much broader spectrum of light pulses than lasers. Making it  a faster and more cost effective treatment option.  Convenient and comfortable treatments make IPL a leading choice. Hassle-free hair reduction solutions.  

Usually, a course of 6-8 treatments is required to achieve an optimal result. Only the occasional maintenance treatment. Shaving is required as close as possible and near to treatment time.

IPL is Not suitable for dark complexions or sun lovers. Hormonal hair might require more treatments or be better suited to waxing.

Waxing – Good option for Removal of Facial Hair and Light or Grey Hair.  Clients with Dark complexion a safer option as the skin will not be compromised or burnt.

Dermaplaning is a fantastic hair removal option prior to IPL especially when treating dark hair. It exfoliates and removes hair painlessly and quickly using a surgical blade.

Our advice on hair removal

We all use some type of hair removal technique. Most of us resort to the stuff you can buy at the chemist. Shaving and waxing are probably the most common forms. There are so many different types of hair removal. Some are painful and others are expensive. Shaving is quick and easy at the time but then there’s the ingrown hairs and frequency in which you need to do it. Who’s got time for that these days? Regardless of whether you want to alter your hair-removal style for your legs, bikini line, or underarms; Beauty Mechanics can help you. So if you’ve ever been wondered about permanent hair removal, book in for a treatment with us. 

IPL and Dermaplaning packages available

Skin Solutions Suggestion:

Centella Gel, Wheatgrass Spray post treatment soothing