A common skin disorder which can be painful and embarrassing. If you are feeling distressed treatments and specialised skin care can help.

Acne has many causes and origins which needs to be investigated before treatment. Some of the causes are hormones, diet, immune systems, hygiene there is a solution for each and we can help you work this out.

We can treat Acne with a variety of treatments. From IPL which targets the Porphyrin Chromosomes to Skin Peels, Microdermabrasion, Skin Needling which stimulates new collagen production and breaks down scarring. Professional skin care has great impact on skin recovery with effective ingredients for soothing and healing. Your skin will be restored with healthy skin microflora and local immunity in the gentlest possible way.




We highly recommend professional skincare for home use. It is very important to use daily and have follow up treatments and consultations.

Skin Solution Recommendations

Super Serum Plus+, Sun Reflector BBC, Daily Face Wash
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