Im sure we are all jumping for joy that our little darlings are back at school, and us mums can get on with normal as much as possible. I think I was close to insane more than ever, trying to spend quality time with my girls, dancing, painting, movies walking and covering those damn school books.

On the positive we did get a good routine happening…..each day we started out with a 40-60min walk with the dogs, then a low carb breakfast, lunch and dinner and we have some great recipes cause our day revolved around food.  The low carb lifestyle is not easy and requires alot of creativity.  We find inspiration at the local Kelvin Grove markets on Saturday morning where we buy loads of greens and herbs.  Also the website is awesome we just remove any carbs. We even managed to make sugar and flour free desserts….guilt free.

The health kick hopefully will turn into healthy living. Considering I gave up alcohol and cigs along with the carbs. I will keep you posted.